The following URL will allow you to place XML orders as a one step process. LOMACS will assigned a LSI order_id that will be return to you as part of the XML response. You will need to capture the order_id in order to reference the order later when doing Order Queries, Shipment Queries and Status updates.

Where client_code is your Logistech client code (given to you by your CSR) and profile is the profile number you wish to place the order against (see the LOMACS help pages for creating profiles).

Orders must follow the order schema specification. Multiple orders may be placed by enclosing them in <order_list> </order_list> tags. See order semantics for details on services and shipping dates.

Upon success, the XML for the placed orders including Logistech order numbers will be returned enclosed in an <order_list> element. The list will contain <order> elements for the successful orders and <error> elements for unsuccessful orders in the order in which they were received.

Posting directly to the CGI

As an alternative to using the HTML page to place orders, they may be POSTed directly to the following CGI script :

The following variables should be posted :

clientYour Logistech client code
profileThe profile number for the order(s)
ordersThe XML describing the order(s)

Example Order

The following is an example order for our test client :
  <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <attn_name>John Doe</attn_name>
      <address_1>123 Lost Ave</address_1>
      <phone>800 555-1212</phone>
      <description>Little Red Widget</description>
      <description>XYZ Logo T-Shirt (XL)</description>