The following URL will allow you to place Inbounds. LOMACS will assigned a LSI inbound_ship_id that will be return to you as part of the XML response. You will need to capture the inbound_ship_id in order to reference the inbound later when doing Inbound Queries.

Where client_code is your Logistech client code (given to you by your CSR).

Orders must follow the order schema specification. Multiple orders may be placed by enclosing them in <order_list> </order_list> tags. See order semantics for details on services and shipping dates.

Posting directly to the CGI

As an alternative to using the HTML page to place orders, they may be POSTed directly to the following CGI script :

The following variables should be posted :

clientYour Logistech client code
inboundThe XML describing the inbound

When creating an inbound shipment via XML there a 3 types that can be created:
ASNnew inventory
RMAReturn Authorization that is linked to an order in LOMACS. RMA is linked to order by assigning reference_id1 as the LOMACS order #.
DSRMAReturn Authorization not linked to an order in LOMACS.

Carrier CodeDescription
2TEU40FT Container
1TEU20FT Container
ABFABF Freight
SAIASaia Freight
DHLFDHL Air Freight
ARBAirborne Express
LTCOURLogistech Courier
POSUS Postal Service
AVERITTAveritt Express
USFUSF Holland
ESTESEstes Express Lines
CNWSEConway Southern Express
AAACPNon-standard Carrier
OTHEROld Dominion
OD Estes Express Lines
YELYRC Freight
RLR&L Carriers
SEFSoutheastern Freight
DHLDHL Express
PANGDPanalpina HBOL Ocean
PANAIRPanalpina AWB Air

Example Inbound

The following is an example inbound for our test client :
<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <inbound_type>ASN|RMA|DSRMA - required</inbound_type>
  <carrier_code>valid carrier code, if submitted</carrier_code>
   <country_code>required ISO country code</country_code>
   <description>Title (required for new products</description>