The following is a complete schema for orders, and is used both to submit and query orders. Tags are color coded to indicate various information about their use :
  • Bold - indicates a top level tag - must occur at least once, but may occur more than once
  • Italic - indicates an optional tag
  • Green - indicates a tag that is "read-only", or returned from a query rather than submitted
  • Red - indicates a top level tag that must occur once, and only once

The Schema

    <order_id> </order_id>
    <est_delivery_date> </est_delivery_date>
    <service>service code</service>
    <site_code>site/store/location code</site_code>
    <cust_ref_id> </cust_ref_id>
    <po_number> </po_number>
    <other_ref_id1> </other_ref_id1>
    <other_ref_id2> </other_ref_id2>
    <request_ship_date> </request_ship_date>
    <comments> </comments>
    <gift_wrap_message> </gift_wrap_message>
    <product_subtotal> </product_subtotal>
    <shipping_charge> </shipping_charge>
    <gift_wrap_charge> </gift_wrap_charge>
    <sales_credit> </sales_credit>
    <sales_tax> </sales_tax>
    <total> </total>
      <comp_name> </comp_name>
      <attn_name> </attn_name>
      <address_1> </address_1>
      <address_2> </address_2>
      <city> </city>
      <state> </state>
      <zip_code> </zip_code>
      <phone> </phone>
      <email> </email>
      <comp_name> </comp_name>
      <attn_name> </attn_name>
      <address_1> </address_1>
      <address_2> </address_2>
      <city> </city>
      <state> </state>
      <zip_code> </zip_code>
      <phone> </phone>
      <email> </email>
      <item_no>sequence #1,2,3.. assigned
        by LOMACS, returned in response </item_no>
      <product_id>lomacs unique part number </product_id>
      <buyer_sku>alternate part number to
        display on packing list </buyer_sku>
      <quantity> </quantity>
      <description> </description>
      <unit_price> </unit_price>

Logistech Service Codes

The "service" tag has the following "service code" options :
OVERN1UPS Overnight Early AM
POVERNUPS Overnight Early
OVERNUPS Overnight - Delivery by end of Day
2NDUPS 2 Day
3RDUPS 3 Day
STDRESUPS Ground Residential
STDBUSUPS Ground Business
TRINTPUPS International 1 to 3 Days
TRINTEUPS International 2 to 5 Days
GNDUSPS First Class
P61USPS First Class International
P79USPS Priority International
UPSMIUPS Mail Innovation
VASValue Added Service - Logistech Project

Logistech FedEx 3rd Party

The "service" tag has the following "service code" options :
CodeService TypeMeaning
STDBUSR92Ground - Commercial
STDBUSR90Ground - Home Delivery



Logistech Order Status Codes

The following is an explanation of Logistech's order status codes :

OPENOrder has been received, but not yet processed
PRINTEDOrder has been printed on the warehouse floor
PRINTINGOrder is in the process of printing
SHIPPEDOrder has been shipped
BACKORDAll remaining items on the order are on backorder
TRASHEDOrder has been cancelled
NEWIndicates that a problem occurred and the order was not placed successfully
HOLDIndicates that the order has been placed on hold
BACKHOLDIndicates the order is on hold because one or more items are on backorder. (This is an optional feature). The order will be processed when all items can be filled.
CLNTHOLDIndicates that the customer has been placed on hold, and Logistech is not currently processing orders for them

Bill Customs Opt

bill_customs_opt is on valid for order with destinations outside of the United States. Valid values are :

bill_customs_opt Meaning
1 bill shipper
2 bill recipient
3 bill 3rd Party

Field Lengths

The following are field length limits for orders. Fields will be truncated to the correct length if they are too long.

Field Length
cust_ref_id 35
po_number 35
other_ref_id1 50
other_ref_id2 50
comp_name 35
attn_name 35
address_1 35
address_2 35
city 25
state 8
zip_code 14
phone 15
email 250
description 80
gift_wrap_message 350