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Selling on Yahoo! has never been so easy. When the orders start to roll in, you need a partner that can be there to help you manage the most important asset you have - your customer. With our Yahoo! integration, processing your on-line orders has never been easier. No longer will you have to work those late hours, manage packing supplies, write waybills, and closeout orders. By using our services for Yahoo! Merchants, all you need to do is keep us stocked with product and manage your client relationship - and we'll do the rest. From the moment you first start, you'll be amazed at the time you will now have available to do the things you do best - expand your business.

Our integration with Yahoo! Stores includes the following features :

   • Real-time Order Delivery
Any time a customer places an order on your site, it is instantly delivered to Logistech, so we can fill it for you.

   • Real-time Inventory
Give customers up to date information on your site as to whether an item is in stock.

   • In-Stock and Out-of-Stock Icons
Put an image on your store for each product so the customer can instantly see whether it is in stock.

   • Tax and Shipping Calculation
Tax and shipping rates provided in real time by Logistech. We know the weights of your products, and can give you actual rates charged by the carrier based on shipping zone and weight, freeing you from the burden of keeping that information up to date in the Yahoo Store Manager. We can even set up free shipping if the order total is over a certain amount.

   • Update of Shipping Information
Once an order has shipped, Logistech updates your store manager with the tracking information so that the customer receives an email notification and tells Yahoo to charge the customer's credit card. We can even have the system submit your credit card batch after the day's processing.

   • Customizable Holding of Orders
Logistech can hold orders from your store for a variety of reasons. You may then either release them to be processed or cancel them through LOMACS. Possible reasons to hold an order include :
  • Credit card address verification failure
  • Order not placed using a credit card (e.g. check or money order)
  • Yahoo warns the order may be suspect
  • Total price over a certain amount
  • Billing country differs from shipping country
   • Order Status Page
Add a page to your site where your customer can check the status of their order.

   • Custom Email Notification
Logistech can send order notification and shipment notification emails that are completely customizable, offering more flexibility for your customer notifications.

   • Thorough Reporting
Our system will send you emails to notify you of important events. We send summary reports of orders that have shipped and been updated on your site. Any time an order goes on hold, you will receive an email.

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