Receiving Management Receiving Management
Receiving is the foundation on which an accurate inventory is built. Without accurate and timely receiving, your inventory isn't available for order fulfillment and may not be correctly counted. We take pride in making sure accuracy propagates throughout our entire logistics process, and it all starts with receiving.

We have outlined a very specific Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to help you in getting your supply chain to work with us to make sure we can identify your products accurately when they arrive. In fact, our process is such that before your product even hits our docks, we are aware it's coming, from where, and how much. Therefore, once it arrives, we can typically have your inventory available for orders within 24 hours.

Receiving is where inventory tracking begins also. If your products aren't barcoded, it's in receiving that a process starts to make sure every piece of your inventory is barcoded, to provide accurate tracking from put away to order packout.