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Order Fulfillment Ecommerce
At Logistech, we don't use Microsoft based servers or technology to drive our systems. We use Linux and UNIX based application servers for the tightest security and processing throughput. Our strong base in technology guarantees that your e-commerce operation is available 24x7, 365 days a year.

With LOMACS, you can check on any order at any time, and you know what was shipped, when, where, and to whom.

LOMACS was designed and built using ORACLE-the leader in database technology. Our servers are Linux based and our systems are hosted by our partner, Hosted Solutions. LOMACS's open JAVA based front end environment gives Logistech the flexibility to customize our customer's individual needs. It includes:

   • XML Capabilities    • Real-time reports
   • Multi-User    • Real-time Inventory Management
   • WWW Integrated    • Java API for customer business rules
   • Customer Order History    • Flexible Architecture